About Us





We are a congregation:-

Committed to weekly worship of the Lord

Dedicated to learning and obeying the Word of God

Motivated to witness to our community by word and action that Jesus is the only way to salvation

Encouraging support and prayer for mission in our world


How existing organisations/activities/fits into mission:

The B.B./G.B. provides connections with families from throughout the district, some with no church connection. Evangelism lies at the heart of this work.

The Sunday School proves an effective witness to children and their parents.  The teachers have been a positive catalyst for change in key areas of church life.

The Senior Citizen’s Fellowship – has an average of 70 people coming from different backgrounds.  A ministry with a strong evangelistic thrust.

P.W. – is a caring fellowship for women which provides an opportunity for fellowship, discipleship, a monthly prayer meeting and information about missionaries. Practical assistance is provided through catering at funerals in our church.

Teens Bible Study - Bible study for teenagers.

R@FT - Christian discipleship for our young people of secondary school age.

Women's Bible Study - opportunity for women to fellowship, pray and study.

Badminton - connecting people of all ages. An opportunity to improve fitness and have fun.

Mission to people on the fringes of congregation:

Our mission needs to begin with reconnecting with many families and individuals who belong to us only in name.  We see a number of key ways in which this can be done:

Inviting parents to a bi-monthly Family Service where children and parents take part.

Visitation of ‘fringe’ families – developing a strategy for more effective pastoral visitation where people go to homes. This will be done through minister, elders and a pastoral visitor/team.

Communication through the continued development of our website, Facebook, Twitter, CD ministry and publicity stand about church activities placed where parents collect children from organisations.

Full Attendance Sunday provides an opportunity for personal invitations to be distributed by elders.

Harvest Thanksgiving is developing into an opportunity to connect with people on the fringes or of no church connection.

Gospel Mission in March 2016.

Mission to surrounding community:

Holiday Bible Club

Door to door visitation

Community activities

Partnership in Mission/awareness and support of mission elsewhere:

Missionary agent, Andrew Warburton, has been appointed to keep the congregation updated about missionary work.

We have a direct link with – ECM in Waterford (Colin & Alison Holmes).

Relationship with Vision of Good Hope, Moldova through shop volunteers and individuals going on teams.

B.B. Down Battalion link with Fields of Life Primary School in Uganda. 

Advertise and promote summer camps for children and young people to participate and lead in.

Discipleship and fellowship:

Our prayer is that through our work and witness people will come to Christ and play an active part in this church.  Thought is being given as to how we can make this church a place where people feel loved, nurtured and welcome. 

Those in Full Membership will lead by example.

Actions are being taken to make our church a place where people feel loved, nurtured and welcome.

Aims include:

Tea once per month after an evening service.

An opportunity for younger married couples to meet together.

Establishing of a Men’s Fellowship group which organises a series of events during the year.

Monthly joint services with 2nd/3rd Presbyterian Church.

Greater one-to-one contact with new believers and running courses on an annual basis for new communicants, marriage, Christianity and Discipleship Explored.