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Children's & Young People's Sunday 07 06 2020 First Rathfriland Presbyterian Church
The commandments were ten good rules God gave to His people. Rules that would bring about good results for anyone who followed them. Rules that would help keep people safe and at peace. Rules that would show them how to love and respect one another and God. Rules that would help them stay close to God who wants to give us every good thing. God knows us very well. He knows our hearts. He knows we are human—that we often make mistakes, chose poorly, and act without thinking. God gave His people these rules as reminders of what was good and right—as reminders of who God created them to be.
Date Recorded: 07/06/2020

First Rathfriland Presbyterian Church Sunday 19 04 2020
Pondering the Resurrection
Date Recorded: 19/04/2020

Following Christ or the Crowd? Easter Sunday 12 04 2020
This Easter Sunday morning we will be thinking about the death and resurrection of Jesus under the sermon theme, "Following Christ or Following the Crowd." Colin Boyd will lead us in praise with "The Old Rugged Cross" and Robin McConnell will read to us from the Gospel of Matthew.
Date Recorded: 12/04/2020

Judas The Betrayer #Betrayer Sunday 03 05 2020 First Rathfriland Presbyterian Church
Judas had lost hope because he had been let down by money, position, power, ideology and philosophy. Judas had built the wrong empire on the wrong things just as we saw last week in the sermon about the apostle Thomas which you can listen to again. Judas could have repented in his heart, the salvation of Christ was available to him, betrayal is not an unpardonable sin. In his life Judas was a thief, he was disloyal, a traitor, a betrayer, an informer, self-centred and even a human trafficker having sold the life of Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. There are maybe some of you today and you could apply one or more of these descriptions to your life. When we fail do not lose hope like Judas, do not respond like Judas but rather respond by seeking the Lord, it is never ever too late in this world to seek the Lord and His salvation.
Date Recorded: 03/05/2020

Locked In or Locked Out sermon on Sunday 26 04 2020 First Rathfriland Presbyterian Church
A sermon from John 20:19-31 which looks at the response of the disciple Thomas to the news that Jesus has been resurrected. The Rev Boyd gets us to think about being Locked In or Locked Out. Are we locked in our homes and afraid to witness for Jesus? Are we locked out of our churches and yet we are able to make a difference to the world around us? First Rathfriland Presbyterian Church is located in Northern Ireland and is part of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland
Date Recorded: 26/04/2020

Palm Sunday 05 04 2020 Who is on the Donkey First Rathfriland Presbyterian Church
This is a time of worship conducted by Rev Trevor Boyd on Palm Sunday. The reading by Mr Lindsay Gracey is from Luke 19:28-48 and the Rev Boyd will be asking the question, "Who is on the donkey?" We will have an answer from: A Roman Soldier The High Priest The Jews The Disciples God We conclude with the question, "Who do you see riding on the donkey?
Date Recorded: 05/04/2020

Peter at the Crossroads of Decision Sunday Worship in First Rathfriland Pres. Church 10 05 2020
We are looking at the disciple Peter at the Crossroads of Decision, based on the verses in John 21:1-19. God had a plan and purpose for Peter, and this was a crucial moment in his life. It was the time of decision. Peter was at cross-roads. His life could go either way. Judas following the betrayal of Jesus stood at the crossroads of decision. Thomas after he doubted in the locked room stood at the crossroads of decision. Peter having denied Jesus three times stood at the crossroads of decision. The crowd, the two thieves, the Roman Centurion, Pilate, the chief priests they too stood at the crossroads of decision. Maybe some of you who are listening this morning are at the crossroads of decision. You are a follower of Jesus and an event in your life has caused you to backslide and today Jesus is offering you forgiveness and recommissioning to serve Him in your daily life. Maybe mature Believer Jesus is calling you to a full-time ministry. Maybe sceptic unbeliever today Jesus is calling you to follow Him. What will your response be? There is always the temptation to go back to the old life or to stay where it is comfortable, but the Lord can do for you as He did for Peter. Listener, Jesus the Risen Lord, will meet you in your failings and in your unbelief and challenge you to live for Him and His kingdom. The Lord has a special plan for your life if you will decide to go with Him. Remember hurting Believer that Jesus restored Peter, and He can restore you!
Date Recorded: 10/05/2020

The Burden of Amos (Amos 8:1-12) 22 03 2020 First Rathfriland Presbyterian Church
A short service of worship for use in our homes as we are unable to have our normal Sunday services in church due to Coronovirus Pandemic regulations. There is a call to worship, a prayer, a reading from Amos 8:1-12 and a short sermon followed by Benediction. The sermon looks at the burden of the prophet Amos for his people Israel. We are burdened by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Are we burdened about the spiritual state of our souls? Are we burdened for the salvation of the souls of the unsaved?
Date Recorded: 22/03/2020

The Compassion of Jesus (Matthew 14:22-36) 29 03 2020 First Rathfriland Presbyterian Church
A short service of worship for use in our homes as we are unable to have our normal Sunday services in church due to Coronovirus Pandemic regulations. There is a call to worship, a prayer, a reading from Matthew 14: 22-36 by our Clerk of Session Mr David Scott. There is a short sermon on the "Compassion of Jesus," followed by a hymn and the Benediction. These verses help us to see the "Compassion of Jesus" and how He used time to be alone to pray. People can have doubts and fears. Jesus offers hope, encouragement and salvation. It a world that has been stopped in its tracks it is good to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour of our lives.
Date Recorded: 29/03/2020

The Crazy Life of Joseph in the Deep Pit Sunday 24th May 2020 First Rathfriland Presbyterian Church
They didn’t huddle in like the rugby or football or hockey team to conspire or mock or tease or bully Joseph; they plotted to kill him. The brothers were in the wrong place physically, Dothan instead of Shechem and they were in the wrong place spiritually because back in v11 we are told that, “His brothers envied him.” His brothers were jealous of Joseph. The sin was in their heart before it was spoken by their mouth and acted upon by their hands. Our sin problem begins in our hearts. Who we are comes from our heart and it is our heart that has to be dealt with. Our hearts can only be changed through faith in Jesus. Christian transformation works from the inside out. The brothers who at this stage were in their 20’s said in V19 “Look this dreamer is coming.” We understand that these dreams were given to Joseph by God. Joseph’s brother must have had some idea that the dreams come from God. In their plan, the brothers not only wanted to kill the dreamer but they wanted to kill the dream and in so doing opposed the plans of God. The brothers were planning to act in such a way that would defeat God’s Word and God’s plan. They didn’t want to bow down to serve Joseph nor anyone else and it would seem they didn’t want to bow down and serve God either. Joseph’s life doesn’t really tell us anything about how God’s plans will be brought to completion, all he knew was that one day the whole family would bow down to him. Slide: God’s Plan We need to learn that God’s plan for Joseph was better and greater than any dream Joseph could come up with. This is true for us in our lives. The best plan to follow is God’s plan and that starts with trusting and following Jesus as our Saviour.
Date Recorded: 24/05/2020