Autumn sermon series in Colossians: "Living Between Two Worlds."




Living Between Two Worlds




Author: Paul

Date: Approx 61 AD

Circumstances: Written by Paul in Rome when he was in prison to counteract false teaching. Written for Colossian Church and to be read in church of Laodicea. Interconnects with the letter to the Ephesians and Philemon.

Founder of church: Believed to be Epaphras

The church had a problem with false teaching.


Why should we study Colossians?

The basic reason for studying any book of the Bible is given in 2 Timothy 3:16-17. In addition we may well ask, “Why should we study this letter of Colossians today?”

1.       We have just celebrated the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon and we are living at a time when people are becoming interested in the commercial opportunities of travelling to the moon. Follwers of Jesus Christ will naturally want to enquire about the relationship between God and this vast, diverse and complex universe. We live in a universe that just blows our mind away in so many ways as it reflects the creative and majestic power of Almighty God. There are many today who want to down size God while others want to remove His existence and explain the universe with human theories. We will explore on Sunday 18th the claim of God to be Lord of Creation and Lord of the Church.


2. There are many questions in people's minds about the visible world that we live in and the invisible or spiritual world. There are a lot of discussions about angels and feathers. Does God really exist if we can't see Him? Are Christians mad to believe in an invisible God who resides in an invisible place called heaven?

3. There are questions of certainty around the Christian faith, is Christ alone sufficient or is there something more? At the end of the day no matter what we believe there are many who are convinced they will end up in heaven.

In our studies through Colossians and this extra platform for presenting information I trust that all of us will grow in appreciation of this gem of a letter which will shine with truth and with relevance for today. 




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